1. EM-CORE ®
3D/2.5D Time-Domain Electromagnetic Field Solver Software for Planar-Circuit and Antenna Simulation.
3D & 2D Radiation Patterns Modeling,
Spiral Inductors Modeling  3D EM Modeling of Filters, Intuitive Geometry Build, and more!                                     

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2. EM-SUPREME®:  Time-domain Field-Device-Circuit coupled simulator for modeling of passive structures, active components, and complete RF & millimeter-wave modules.

EM-Supreme is used for EM modeling of power amplifiers, switches, filters, active antennas, and complete RF modules such as antenna-switch, switch-filter, switch-filter-amplifier, and front-end modules with no approximations. EM Supreme is an "Accurate Alternative" to what RF designers are using today “i.e. modeling the active and passive parts of the chip using separate field and circuit simulators, followed by combining the results employing simple approximations;  without taking the effect of electromagnetic field-coupling, radiation, and interference into consideration, ” which leads to inaccurate models especially at high power and/or high frequency circuits. EM-supreme models the electromagnetic fields as they pass through the active and passive components capturing the actual behavior of your chip as it physically happens. The tool  fully supports  silicon vendor-supplied transistor models, which allows fewer design cycles and reduces your time-to-market development.

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                                                                                                                                       Advanced MMIC Field/Device Co-Simulation, EM Simulation of Transistors Embedded in Passive Manifold
                                                                                                     DXF Import & Export
mm-wave/RF PIN Switch Simulation, and More!