Precise Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Software

  Navel Research Laboratory
  Motorola Inc
  M/A-COM Technology Solutions
  Lorch Microwave
  Nitronex Corp.
  Geomega Ltd
  Microwave Engineering Corporation
  Millivision Technologies
  Rogers Corporation
  Bilkent University 
  The University of the South Pacific (USP)
  Wright State University
  Hanoi University of Technology 
  KU Leuven
  Texas A&M University
 Analog Devices
 Universit√† Politecnica Marche
 Ball aerospace and technologies
 Coppergate communications
 Pulse Engineering
 Novero Canada Inc.
 Purdue Univ.
 Analynk Wireless
 Northeastern University
 National University of Singapore
 Vienna University of Technology
 Chalmers university
 University of New Mexico
 Sonos, Inc
 University of Southern California
 TU Vienna
 Arizona State University
 Coppergate communications
 Nortech Control Systems Ltd
 Trak Microwave

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